G5 plane Rental

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

you have traveled commercially lately you are well aware of the challenges facing the general aviation industry. Long lines, delays, lost l

uggage, no onboard catering and packed planes. For most executive business travelers time wasted in an airport can be the difference between getting home in time to spend dinner with the family or returning back to the office to get caught up.
The solution is the G5 plane, this plane is fast, comfortable and will guarantee a great deal

of privacy you as a business man or business executives for a particular company. The G5 plane though expensive( takes like $8600 dollars/hour to $10200/day) is always associated with rich people or cooperate executives, this are individual who travel all around the globe doing business making the G5 plane suitable for business. exceptionally all of this package of the G5 plane comes with a price, from purchasing it to maintaining it, and that is why some organizations like air charter av projects, jet solutions come in handy, these organizations provide all that pertains to G5 plane rentals, from the initial operating cost to the expense cost, to your satisfaction, sounds nice! remember all that pertains to G5 rental will lower your operating cost as an individual or cooperate from the hassle and bustle of the day to day running and maintaining of the G5 planes.
Max Miller, of Premier Luxury Rentals, highly recommended this aircraft for a wide range of missions. Many customers choose the G5 for its excellent safety rating and luxurious interior design. Optional services offered include: limo transfer, catering and concierge services, for an additional charge.
so stop and think for a moment, is the G5 plane nice for your business as an individual or cooperate.